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Jazmine Belle 

My name is Camilla and I am the artist behind the Maiden's Blush reborn, I've always been interested in art but when i came across the rebornworld I found really the right form, where  i can develope several of my passions :-) Because I have tremendous love and passion for these little baby dolls, When i found the reborn world i became totally hooked from the first moment. I always strive to make my dolls better and more accurate and use only high quality materials.

The dolls are made of vinyl and a soft padded fabric body, the vinyl is painted in many layers to provide the most realistic results possible, the hair is microrooted angoramohair which is the closest you can get to soft babyhair and placed in the straw for straw. Making a doll is a very time-consuming job and takes a long time to complete but also very funny. The materials for my dolls are high quality and each doll is unique and made with lots of  love and  a great passion for this art form. Welcome to peek into these little wonders.



My reborn baby Jazmine Belle is nominated for Best Reborn in the Colliii Awards 2010



I am now working on two prototype babies that i was asked to reborn :-) it is a lot of fun and a great honour.


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